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T-Fal Steam Station

Watching a client video grow by 5,000 views every hour, and then watching it pick up “steam” with each passing hour, is one of the most exciting things that has happened in my career.

French company, Groupe SEB – owns some of the most well known global brands in the small domestic equipment market. And while I’ve had the pleasure of working on the vast majority of their brands including Rowenta, Moulinex, All Clad and Krups, this video for T-Fal is one of the most exciting  projects that I’ve ever worked on.

Working in collaboration with the Groupe SEB Canadian marketing team, we set the bar high: we weren’t just creating a video, we were creating a viral video. With the bar set, the script was going to be the key component to bringing this dream to life. And props go to the client on this one… we prepared three options to present to the client and they immediately honed in on one. They took it away and came back with something that was definitely going to get noticed. And notice, they did…

They say that any PR is good PR and wow, did we get PR. This ad was featured in every ad publication globally, from Ad Rants and Marketing Magazine in North America to Lüzer’s Archive out of Switzerland (literally a life goal of mine was to featured in that magazine).

Pre-Production Booklet

Final Video