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Paws Up!

If you’ve ever had a chance to work with animals on a set, you’ll know that you don’t ever want to work with animals on a set… But man, there really was a whole lot of cute going on!

Canadian Tire’s pet food brand desperately needed a refresh. The old branding was tired and the colours on shelf were washed out which only added to the tired feeling.

By starting with changes to the colour palette, the brand immediately began to pop which would definitely help with colour blocking on shelf. Changes to the substrate for the packaging added another layer to the redesign allowing for a high-gloss finish.

But once the brand and packaging were done, the fun began… Marketing!


Anyone ever remotely familiar with Instagram as a concept knows that animals are held in high regard. Executing across all Instagram touchpoint was a no-brainer. Holding a contest to have people share pictures of their own animals was also a no-brainer.

What a super fun project!

And winning a Vertex award for the client is always icing on the cake.


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