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Skiis & Biikes

Reviving a tired recipe for client campaigns by changing things up… it’s amazing what a conversation over a beer and a burger can land you with a client. No surprise: they have some interesting stories if you take the time to listen.

Skiis & Biikes was the first client that was open to switching up the formula. And what a great client to start with… Devin Montgomery, who recently took over the family business, was the real deal. In fact, he was arguably more of the Skiis & Biikes brand than his parents who started the business. Having recently moved back from the Coast Mountains of B.C., Devin landed in north end of Toronto. And after some discussions with him over beers and burgers, he made a little comment about his preferred mode of transportation to their flagship store in Toronto – Skijoring. For those of you unfamiliar with skijoring, the person slaps on some nordic skis on their feet and a harness on their dog. After tethering themselves to their canine companion, a quick “On by!” and they’re off! “Wait, say that again…” I said and the first piece was born.

After all, who doesn’t love a story about a boy and his dog? I’ll tell you who does love it: Mountain Life readers.

In one month, with a $250 amplification budget, this effort had a reach of over 130k, with dozens of saves and shares that generated a campaign CTR of almost 4.8%. More than that, this campaign, and the content that was developed, created an 8x increase in avg. time on page. So not only was it successful for the client, it also managed to be a winner for Mountain Life with 45% of traffic scrolling beyond the 75% mark and 1.6% of traffic moving on to the Skiis & Biikes website.

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