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Shalit Foods

Shalit Foods was in desperate need for their online presence and marketing to match the quality brands, natural ingredients and smart solutions that they are know for in the industry. As a brand that isn’t just know but used by renowned chefs like Mark McEwan, they are unapologetic about the associated costs of their premium offerings.

Working with the client to determine how best to organize their plethora of products within the industry verticals, I developed a sitemap moved users around in a way that provided them quick access to only the information that they required and skipped all irrelevant information. Since there is little cross-over from vertical to vertical within this industry, all marketing efforts would move the prospect to their desired vertical right away. As such, the vertical pages would be responsible for the majority of the heavy lifting.

The goal of all marketing across social, search and remarketing efforts was to build their CRM database with qualified leads by making it simple and easy for the user, capturing the minimum amount of data required in order to filter the lead to the approriate sales vertical team member and have them notified right away, while the lead is still hot. By leveraging and utilizing individual page data, the users were quickly segmented within the backend of the CRM system by way of form tags and hidden fields. This also allowed for easy communication in the future.