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Chicago Title Conference Strategy

Putting the “Relationship” in CRM.

Title insurance is an interesting animal. Often times, the buyer is blind to whom holds their title insurance and it’s the lawyer that has the relationship with the insurer and makes the decision to whom it is that holds the policy.

Moreover, these lawyers – of which there are many – are not often a part of a large organization. They typically run a smaller office that focuses on general legal help for their family clients… This makes event marketing a great way for Chicago Title to get in front of the most eyes. But to start the process of creating an actual relationship, they don’t just need to get in front of their eyes… They need to get in front of their faces.

We installed multiple naked mannequins throughout the venue at each event that Chicago Title attended and sponsored. Further more, those mannequins would be on stage at the beginning of each presentation with a Chicago Title backdrop that ensured (insured?) that all attendees were aware of the campaign. Attendees were urged to meet each and every member of the sales team throughout the event and were incentivized by a laptop giveaway. They got an entry for each team member they met and additional entries for retweets of the teams location.

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